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Whilst we are updating our web-site please contact us for all enquiries
at info@gno-accessories.com.


About GNO

GNO Accessories is Irelands first and only Peplink Authorised Reseller.

We stock most of the range and offer full support from pre-sales to configuration and after-sale support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discusses your connectivity needs. Operating throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, GNO Accessories has been serving the marine industry with critical electronics parts and services for over three years. In recent times, demand for internet access has led to us installing a number of short range radio antennas along the coast offering unlimited data access to yachts in port ​and up to 10Km out at sea. ​

In addition, we have been upgrading a growing number of yachts with Pepwave 4G routers to improve on-board internet connectivity. Pepwave devices are able to replace not only multiple routers but also expensive service selectors and firewalls. We have a corporate account with SFR and Orange which allows us access to contracts not publicly available, currently up to 500GB of data per month!

Please send us an email info@gno-accessories.com for more information.

Thank you


Some of our best sellers

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